My Credentials

  • Senior Program Associate, Center for Diversity & the Environment

  • Regional Contact, California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) L.A. Provider Network

  • Former Director, County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Environmental Education Program, Generation Earth 

  • Member, California Environmental Literacy Initiative

  • Member California Environmental Literacy Equity Team

  • Member, National Environmental Professionals of Color 

  • Member, Los Angeles Environmental Education Fair Steering Committee

  • Member, Board of Directors, Ten Strands

  • Member, Board of Directors, Friends of the Los Angeles River

  • Member, Advisory Board, USC Sea Grant

  • Member, NAAEE eePro Diversity and Inclusion Group 

  • Education Outreach Lead, DoGoodery

  • Los Angeles County Teacher Liaison for California Environmental Education Foundation (CEEF) Institute

  • San Francisco State University - Major: Environmental Sustainability & Social Justice


My Bio

Candice Dickens-Russell is the Senior Program Associate Center for Diversity & the Environment where she leads a national team focused on designing and delivering equity, diversity and inclusion activities for environmental organizations, agencies, teams and leaders in the environmental and conservation movement across the U.S. Candice has been the regional lead for the California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) for Los Angeles County for over a decade. She has developed and managed high quality environmental education programs for Los Angeles area students and teachers. Candice is a member of the Los Angeles Area Women’s Environmental Coalition, and serves on the Los Angeles Environmental Education Fair steering committee. She majored in Environmental Studies at San Francisco State University, with an emphasis in Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice. Candice's current work centers around creating diverse and equitable spaces in the US environmental movement. Candice has a passion for equity and inclusion in all things, but especially in environmental education. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, daughter, and pet rabbit, Buddy. 


the Environmental literacy movement

I absolutely love learning and teaching about how important the environment is and how we all have a role to play in its protection and preservation. The environmental education field has allowed me to combine three things I really love - youth development, sustainability, and social justice. In California, we’re lucky that our California Department of Education’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, has taken a leadership role in creating environmentally literate students in California and in 2015, assembled a 47 person Environmental Literacy Task Force on which I was honored to be invited to serve. The Task Force created California’s Blueprint for Environmental Literacy, which lays out a strategic approach for ensuring that ALL California students have access to environmental education resources and experiences. The Blueprint is being implemented by the California Environmental Literacy Steering Committee which I’m also honored to be a part of, and we’re rolling out environmental education access and tools California school district, by school district. 


EE Consulting

I’m proud to lend my expertise in environmental curriculum review and development, teacher advisory and support, and environmental education program planning to several organizations. Please contact me if you'd like help in any of these areas.