Little Green Cottage

Once upon a time two young naive people bought a fixer-upper and began a journey that continues to this very day. I used to blog about our house transformation but, these days there's no time. You can visit the old blog and see the old photos and room transformations if you'd like.

Little green cottage

Since we do continue to update the house and make major changes from time to time, I will post the latest updates here. 

Though we haven't kept up with the pace of remodeling the house, one thing we've managed to keep up with through the post-baby years is having a basic eco-friendly home. We still maintain our dozens of shade and fruit trees, compost and vermicompost bins including the small collection bin on the kitchen counter, zero VOC paint bases throughout the house, greywater system in the bathroom and laundry room, and green sourcing of things like cleansers paper goods. We don't have much stuff, and we try to be thoughtful about where the things we do have come from.